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What is A Slutty Vegan ?

A Slutty Vegan is someone who takes time away from their busy lives to indulge in the pleasures that life brings. And there is no better pleasure than eating good food with good people! So take a break from your brussel sprouts and quinoa salads and enjoy the best burger in town!

Irresistible Ingredients

We use 100% plant based Impossible Burgers for our patties, but we add love, fun, and a special Slutty Sauce that turns the normal into spectacular. Try it; we bet you can't tell it's not meat!

Why Eat Slutty ?

We refuse to believe a vegan can't enjoy junk food. At Slutty Vegan we combine superb taste with plant based ingredients so you can remain vegan and get a little naughty.

 We are proud to be Atlanta made, Born and Bred.

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What Our Clients Say


Wow, it is that good !

Kassim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta

This is so special. This is literally the best vegan burger I think I’ve ever tried!

Kim Benjamin @_unclekim

My name is Ne-yo and I’ve been Sluttified