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Meet The Executive Team

We’re Black-owned, women-owned, self-made, and Slutty. We’re also one of the top restaurants in Atlanta. Slutty Vegan’s secret ingredients listed below:

Sluty Vegan's Founder & Chief Executive Officer Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Slutty Vegan Chief Financial Officer Jason Crain

Jason Crain

Chief Financial Officer
Miesha Hambrick, Slutty Vegan's Fleet & Tour Director

Miesha Hambrick

Fleet & Tour Director
Stacey Lee, Board Chair of the Pinky Cole Foundation

Stacey Lee

Board Chair / Pinky Cole Foundation
Josh Grubbs, Slutty Vegan's Financial Analyst

Josh Grubbs

Financial Analyst

Angel Barnwell

Business Manager

Brett Crowder

Director of Operations

Mia Ferguson

Director of HR

Ashley High

Director of Training
The Slutty Vegan Atlanta